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Service and Civic Engagement

Completed Projects:

January-April 2018: Thank you for supporting our efforts in providing food, water and personal care products to the homeless.

QuanTâm cares about low income and homeless children so we teamed up with Cradles to Crayons in 2017:

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December 10, 2017:  Our team worked at the Giving Factory. We thank Cradles to Crayons for hosting us and for doing amazing things for low-income and homeless children. 

QuanTâm Cares about the Homeless

April 23, 2017:  With food, water and daily essentials that were provided in kind by the generous Chicago business community, our team assembled care packages for more than 100 people experiencing homelessness.  Our team divided into smaller groups and scattered all over Chicago to personally deliver each care package.  

Our team began our day of service with a team brown bag lunch. My children had decorated each team member's lunch bag with a single letter and I distributed these bags at a team meeting days before our day of service. Not a single member knew why there was a letter on their bag. They were merely instructed to pack their lunch in this brown bag. When we came together, my team realized that they needed to come together as a team, bring all the bags together and unscramble a message.  The message: "Let's help the homeless!!"  With that message, Team Chaplin began working to assemble care packages.

Click HERE for a glimpse of our team's day together.

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We are grateful for the Chicago business community's generosity and for supporting Team Chaplin on our mission to help those experiencing homelessness: