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WHO: QuanTâm by Team Chaplin
We are work hard, play hard professionals who are "gritty" and have a true zest for life. We have lots of love for family, friends, our community, and homemade phở.

OUR STORY (by Tyler Benavides)

WHAT we do: Develop professional skills | Serve our community | Laugh | Love | BBQ | Eat phở | Play Foosball | Roast S’mores

FOUNDER:  Lan Nguyen Chaplin, Ph.D.

Director of Operations: Dovile Guzauskaite
Chief People Officer: Kim Lazzara
Marketing Crew:
Marketing Manager and Graphic Designer: Stefano Quaranta
   Social Media Manager: Safaa Sarefian
Fundraising Crew: 
   Fundraising Manager: Damon Horn
   Fundraising Specialist: Basil Kawash

MEMBERS:  *Dustin DeMumbrum, *Hubert Deng, *Matt Espinola, *Bobby Grilli, *Saara Hassan, Damon Horn, *Gladstone Hukporti, Karolina Godlewski, *Alan Gomez, Kayla Hyatt, Noemi Ibarra, *Donald LaCombe, *Mel Ladowski, *Jaime Manriquez, *Laura Nicolescu Julian Northcross, *Esteban Paredes, *Samantha Payne, *Allan Rodriguez, *Sierra Saulsberry, *Aasumi Shah, *Katie Sharp, *Crystal Valdovinos, *Brady Zabala | *alumni

Selection Criteria: Professionalism | Resilience | Strong work ethic | Creativity | Time management | Teamwork | Effective communication | Self-motivation | Willingness to embrace failure | Ability to act on feedback | Committed to civic engagement | Competitive | Respectful | Kind | Fun | Gritty | Spunky

Professor Chaplin calls an "Operation" and sends the team on a specific mission: e.g., help the community, self reflection. Here are some operations:
#OperationDunkinDonuts (buy a meal or drink from DD for someone in need)
#OperationSnowAngels (be a kid again and enjoy the simple things in life)
#OperationGratitude (show your gratitude)
#OperationToeWarmers (help someone be a little warmer on a frigid Chicago winter day)
#OperationRAK (random act of kindness)
#OperationIntrospection (Stop and reflect on what makes you happy and what you can do to be even happier)
#OperationGSD (Get Shit Done-be productive!)
#OperationBetterHealth (It’s what it sounds like)

A note from Lan Nguyen Chaplin, Ph.D.:  

WHY QuanTâm by Team Chaplin

We began our journey together as Team Chaplin. The team was born out of a need to mentor high-performing students who might otherwise not realize their potential if not pushed by a professor to aim higher, think creatively, and dare to fail. I have taught ~ 600 students since arriving at UIC in 2013. I quickly realized that I had some students who didn't see that they weren't aiming high enough. I began to host extra office hours to discuss professional development with one or two students. My office hours soon grew into small informal workshops, which then grew into more structured workshops for 20 students at a time (complete with a Powerpoint presentation, demonstrations, and pizza). Now, I mentor a fully-fledged group of students who have a passion for bettering themselves and their community.

I encourage my team to care deeply about personal and professional development. In doing so, I present them with various opportunities to step out of their comfort zone--professional development workshops, team building activities, and most importantly, civic engagement. Each time they step out of their comfort zone, I am prepared to work and learn alongside them. My team likes a good challenge and embraces failure. We're a pretty "gritty" bunch!

In May 2018, I decided to rebrand Team Chaplin to give my students more ownership over the team. Today, we are QuanTâm by Team Chaplin. I have promised the team that I will remain highly selective in whom I invite. My standards are higher than they have ever been.  We have 13 current students (who have completed a course with me) and 14 alumni on the team, representing a diverse group of thinkers and do-ers, with a lot of spunk and a lot of passion for teasing me. They challenge themselves in new ways everyday, enjoying every step of the process of what it means to represent and grow the team. They are my family.