Brand Management - (MKTG 594: MBA)

                    Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes:

More and more firms have come to realize that brands are one of the most valuable assets they possess.  Despite this recognition, and the increasingly important role that brand asset management plays in marketing strategy, relatively little attention has been paid to the subject in traditional management education, especially at the undergraduate level.  

Brand Management is an elective that addresses many of the strategic areas of brand asset management in modern business entities.  Students should be able to:

1.     Discuss major issues in building and managing brand assets.

2.     Explain effective frameworks for understanding brand strategy decisions.

3.     Critically analyze and recommend actionable strategies to various brands through case discussions.

4.     Use their analytic skills in evaluating brands.

5.     Teams conduct a professional brand audit.

6.     Teams present results of a brand audit.